New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Cattle Monitoring in a Feed Lot

Team: 85

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Agriculture

Interim: Problem Definition:
Many ranchers face the issue of keeping accurate records of expenses of each animal when healthy and sick. Keeping track of all the records and financial complexities can be strenuous on top of the job that cattleman already have to face. We strive to improve the current systems and make them more efficient based off the needs of local ranchers. A new program that could store and use all of the data that the ranchers input would greatly lighten the burden stress of cattle raising.

Plan for Solution:
First we would need to find a way to complete an Excel program that a local farmer has proposed and from there create a model to test its effectiveness. The program helps to calculate the expenditures and incomes of the feed lot from the different information inputted. Finally we will fix any bugs we can find in this system. The model will demonstrate an average feed yard and will display sick, healthy, dead, and also track organism growth. We intend to input data into the excel program in order to generate data that would be found in a feed yard to test the efficiency of this program.

Progress to Date:
Currently we have been researching data on feedlots and operations of Microsoft Excel to accurately represent the conditions of the feedlot and the program we are creating through Excel. For the feedlots we have been looking into consumption rates as well as death rates and infection rates when disease arises to be able to represent the actual data of functioning feedlots. Also, our team has been in contact with local ranchers in order to obtain information on programs like this that already exist and to learn what it may need in order to improve the system and provide the most help to the users.

Expected Results:
The result of our project will be to create a program that will store the data of the lot and calculate the data into usable information that will allow them to plan ahead financially. This program would also help to keep records of the health and productivity of the animals in the feedlot. Our project will help to make the lives and record keeping of ranchers much more efficient and well organized as well as bringing greater ease to maintaining healthy stock.

Danny Fish (Wee-Fish Land and Cattle Company)
New Mexico State University

Team Members: Quinton Flores, Brian Hemminger

Team Members:

  Brian Hemminger
  Quinton Flores

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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