New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 84

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Enviornmental Sciences

Interim: Team Number: 84
Project Title: Flushed
School Name: Melrose High
Area of Science: Environmental Sciences
Team Members: Ethan Wright, Thomas Martin, Zackary Perkins
Problem Definition:
Water management in dairies is a touchy subject in our area. As we have learned through our research and everyday experiences, we need to save water; however, if an organization such as a dairy shows it can function with less water it could lose some of its water rights. This is bad for the dairy, because it needs to be able to pump as much water as it requires, and then some to allow for extra needs. However, it is worse to pump excess water out of the ground both for environmental reasons and financial reasons. We intend to find ways to conserve water in a dairy setting. We would like to test ways to treat waste water, specifically in dairies, safely and effectively so that it can be reused in some settings. Also, we would like to test the feasibility of using waste from dairies to create electricity through methane gas production, and other conservation methods.
Problem Solution:
We intend to use Netlogo to test this problem. Even though we have not made any progress in the computational model as we are still in the research stage, we have made plans. We intend to create a virtual dairy and focus on the systems where the most water is used to try to develop ways to conserve it. Also, we will look at reusing the contaminated water; however, this may not be possible because of USDA and/or NMDA regulations.
Progress to Date:
Currently, we are still in the research stage of this project. We have found that there is more to this problem than we thought there would be. We have done extensive research on water usage in dairies, and have done other related searches specific to New Mexico. We have not started writing code, but as explained earlier, we have a good idea of what we are going to do. We may also find that we need to do research in the field to get a hands on idea of how these systems are run.
Expected Results:
After completion, we want to find significant water conservation. Also, we want to know how feasible it is to reuse waste water, even before USDA and NMDA regulations, and if regulations allow, know how to reuse this water most efficiently, whether it be electricity production or used as irrigation/fertilization water. Results will vary between years with heavy rainfall and years of drought, as more water will have to be pumped during years of drought from force of necessity. It is important to conserve water in years of drought because the aquifer will not replenish as quickly in those years. We want to contribute to this process with our findings.

We have used info from the following sites.

Team Mentor: Alan Daugherty
Also, we would like to thank Marsha Wright, formerly of New Mexico State University, for helping us find some research resources.

Team Members:

  Ethan Wright
  zack perkins
  Thomas Martin

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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