New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

HIV Eradicator

Team: 8

School: Capital High

Area of Science: Epidemiology

Interim: Problem Definition
Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that leads to AIDS. It kills and damages the body’s immune system cells. The human body cannot get rid the disease, and it is believed that HIV originated from a particular kind of chimpanzee in western Africa. It remains a present problem in the U.S and around the world.

Plan for solving computationally:
We will use a computer model; we will start off by entering data on the HIV infection rate based on current information. Then we will enter data fro HIV vaccine results based on current information. With this data we will use a computer model to show that using the vaccine will decrease the infection rate.

Description of the progress:
We started by doing research on HIV. We collected data from various sources regarding infection rates in the US and New Mexico. Next we researched HIV vaccines and their reliability as well as the results of vaccine trials.
We found that about 2.5 million new cases of HIV were found in 2011. Currently there are 34.2 million people with HIV worldwide. Scientists are currently experimenting with monkeys to develop a vaccine.

Expected Results:
We would like to show, with our computer model, that the spread of HIV could be controlled with a vaccine. Each year around fifty thousand people in the U.S are infected with HIV. About 1.1 million people in the U.S were living with it at the end of 2009. We believe that the spread of HIV can be significantly diminished with a vaccine. In our computer model, we expect to see a reduction in infection rates by more than 25%. By developing a computer model of the effects of a vaccine, we hope to influence health departments and government agencies to increase funding for HIV research and funding for creating the vaccine.

Five citations of info:
United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
New England Journal of Medicine
New York Times
World Health Organization
National Institute of Health

team #8: Alonso Arana, Julian Bojorquez, Nicholas Cardona, Jorge Lira, Bianca Solis

Team Members:

  Jorge Lira
  Nicholas Cardona
  Bianca Solis
  Julian Bojorquez

Sponsoring Teacher: Jenifer Hooten

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