New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Ineffective Fuels

Team: 57

School: Jackson Middle School

Area of Science: Energy

Interim: Team Number: 57
School Name: Jackson Middle School
Area of Science: Energy
Project Title: Ineffective Fuels

Problem Definition: Our team is investigating the pollution that coal produces each year on average for the U.S. Each person on average uses around 11,200 kilowatts per year. A single on shore wind turbine can produce 6 million kilowatts per year. To make New Mexico alone run completely off of wind, it would require 3,894 wind turbines
We will be researching more on solar and wind power to cut down on how much coal is being burned each year. With smaller coal plants, the smaller the amount of pollution. 3.5 million tons of CO2 per coal plant is emitted into the air each year.

Our goal of this project is to reduce the total energy consumption that New Mexico produces, 71 percent coal, to at least 55-60 percent and ` make the renewable percentage to go up by at least 10 percent, from 7 percent to at least 15-20 percent. Also our other goal is to find clean, renewable source of energy that has enough power to outlast coal.

Problem Solution: We will be using StarlogoTNG to make the models of each scenario will show the environmental impact for each solution, for example, we will have a “coal” plant that will impact the environment in a certain way, also the benefits of each source. We will determine the best source by the efficiency, cost, and energy it makes, and how useful it is.

Progress To Date: We started with Netlogo and quickly found out that we are not as skilled at NetLogo as StarLogoTNG. After we started with research and learned more about fossil fuels and renewable sources we have the information to start programing in StarlogoTNG.

Expected Results: After research, programming and testing we are hoping to find that solar energy will become the most efficient fuel. We want to complete this because the sun is something we have a great amount of in New Mexico and it is free.

Team members:
Hanna Keller
Nicholas Elkins
Bella Montoya
Heidi rolsten

Team Members:

  Nicholas Elkins
  Heidi Rolston
  Bella Montoya

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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