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Does the size of mosquito breeding grounds affect how many people get malaria?

Team: 45

School: Cottonwood Valley

Area of Science: Health

Interim: The definition of the problem is that Malaria is a disease that kills hundreds of people mostly young children and new born baby's. Malaria is most common in the country of Africa, mostly because there are a lot of mosquitoes, and mosquitoes mostly prefer warm weather and with Africa's hot and dry climate the people of Africa's villages are at a higher stake.

We want to reduce the amount of people getting Malaria.

Honestly, we haven't started our model yet, but we have a pretty good idea of what we want to accomplish. We want to accomplish our goal in our model, we want to see that if reducing the size of mosquito breeding grounds will prevent so many people from getting malaria.

We have referenced many different cites for ideas, we have already been putting knowledge in our heads.

Samantha Hurtgen and Catalina Petrie
Team: 45

Team Members:

  Samantha Hurtgen
  catalina petrie

Sponsoring Teacher: Crystal Cobble

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