New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Yellow Fever

Team: 44

School: Cottonwood Valley

Area of Science: epidemiology

Interim: PROBLEM DEFINITION:Our goal is to find out how the virus spreads and how we can prevent it from spreading. We are going to use a simulation on star logo.
SOLUTION:We will start with 500 agents.We will make a button named "infect"and that will make some of the turtles turn red. Then to make them recover we will take a "recovery" block and when two red turtles touch each other they will turn green again.All turtles have the same chance of getting infected.
PROGRESS TO DATE:Right now we have been researching how it spreads,what what are the symptoms,what is the mosquito called that carries the disease,and where is the disease most common in the world. We have not yet started our model on star logo. We plan to research what percent of people get infected and what age group is more at risk of getting infected.
EXPECTED RESULTS:We think there will be a lot of red turtles then they will start turning green slowly then start turning green faster.
RESOURCES:Our resources were Wikipedia the free encyclopedia,web-MD,medical and also

Team Members:

  julie hurtgen
  ashlie jojola
  serena Van Landingham

Sponsoring Teacher: Crystal Cobble

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