New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Sports Medicine

Team: 41

School: Cottonwood Valley

Area of Science: Medicine and Health

• the definition of the problem.
How can a trainer help injured athletes? Our team wants to add more sports trainers to help bigger sports teams work faster. They want more sports medicine trainers so they could work on person that's hurt get back on the team again. It will also help keep the injured person from thinking that he or she is never going to be on the team again. And the sports trainers keep them from getting seriously injured.
• your plan for solving the problem computationally.
We are using StarLogo to see if we add more sports trainers, athletes will get better faster and to see if additional trainers can be more encouraging to athletes so they will keep going. We are going to research how many people it takes to fix an injury, then we will simulate how an injured person to see how many sports trainers is the best amount of sports trainers to efficiently treat a sports injury.
• a description of the progress you have made up to this time.
We researched most common injuries and thought about how to fix the problem.
• the results you expect to get.
I expect that more trainers won’t have enough room to work on a single athlete, because only a certain amount of people can fit around one person at one time. There is only a certain amount of things that people can do so it’s not going to make it go faster to have more people around. It won’t be more encouraging to athletes because they will notice people get hurt a lot and having all those people around will be more stressful.
• and at least five citations of information you have referenced.

Team Members:

  Lanze Hibler
  Adrian Avalos

Sponsoring Teacher: Crystal Cobble

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