New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

What are the rings of Saturn?

Team: 32

School: CEPi

Area of Science: Astronomy

Interim: Problem Definition:
Saturn, A planet know for its rings, is a destination which future human pioneers will, without a doubt visit if not for the rings then for what is in them, H2O a wonderful fuel For a Hydrogen powered engine. The problem with obtaining this abundint source of water ice is locating the largest amount in your pathway,

Problem Solution :
This is where a detailed simulation of the rings would come in handy. You could set the model to the approximate time you would arrive to the rings and adjust your trajectory so that you can collect the ice. Though I may not be the person that makes that simulation I beleve I could surpass the previous simulations from my predecessors.

Progress to date:
I have not made too much progress over the past month due to an overwhelmingly large number of English papers. The little progress I have made has helped me to understand both Saturn's rings and Netlogo's programming language in greater detail.
At this point I have amassed a large amount of information about the mass, radius, gravitational attraction and theories behind the rings of Saturn and the planet they surround. I have also started to work on a simple version of the simulation.

Expected Results:
I do not have very high expectations for my own simulation, since this will be only my second simulation in my educational history, but my hope is that some one in the future, maybe not the far future, will see my simulation and make a better one, and then another person will see that one, and try to out do it, and so on and so forth until there is an almost perfect simulation of the planet, its moons and its rings, so real that you could bearly tell the diffrence between the real thing and the simulation. Another thing I am hoping will happen is that a simulation similar to the one I discribed and be able to use it to reach the planets that circle a star and colonize one of those planets.

Team Members: Joshua Tolan

Sponsoring Teacher: Tom Bonzon

Team Members:

  Joshua Tolan

Sponsoring Teacher: TOM BONZON

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