New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Terraforming Mars

Team: 31

School: CEPi

Area of Science: Space Science

Interim: Team Number: 31
School Name: CEPi
Area of Science: Space Science
Project Title: Terraforming Mars
Team Members: Ricardo Montano
Sponsoring Teachers: Thomas Bonzon, and Angela Cordova

Problem Definition:
My project will be on how long it will take Mars to form an atmosphere to sustain human life. I have been doing a lot of research on terraforming Mars, one of the main problems that will interfere with terraforming Mars is the low gravity. Mars’s gravity is 0.4G of Earths 1G that is less than half of Earth’s gravity.

Problem Solution:
I will be using Star Logo to make a simulation on terraforming mars in a small portion, a dome to be exact.

Progress to Date:
Doing research on the variables on terraforming Mars have not started working on the simulation yet.

Expected Results:
I will expect that It would be better terraform a small portion of Mars rather than the whole planet.

Links That I’ve Used

Team Members:

  Ricardo Montano

Sponsoring Teacher: TOM BONZON

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