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Pigment Mutation in the Wild - PigMint W.

Team: 29

School: CEPi

Area of Science: Biology

Interim: Problem Definition:
Albinism is a mutation that causes an organism not to produce melanin. While in research labs geneticist can breed an organism to be albino it is harder to observe this in the wild. The purpose of this project is to model a population of snakes with one snake in the population starting off as an albino and tracking how the gene will persist through the population.
Problem Solution:
The model we will represent this project with will consist of an artificial environment containing a producer, an herbivore, and first tier and second tier predators. The albino gene will be put into the common garter snake. The environment will contain mountains, rivers and lakes. We will demonstrate all this data using Star Logo the Next Generation because it is the best programmer for the purpose of our project.
Progress to Date:
So far the simulation contains a series of if then statements that simulate the chances of an organism being born with the albino trait. It also includes the mountains, rivers and lakes mentioned in the earlier section. The research side of the project is going slow mainly because of the lack of information on the subject.
Expected Results:
After our simulation is done multiple tests will be run and documented to provide the best understanding of how the albino gene will persist through a population of snakes. The simulation will be as close to factual as possible and will have changing variables to show the different environmental factors that the albino snakes might encounter.

Team Members:

  Wyatt Field
  timothy strange

Sponsoring Teacher: TOM BONZON

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