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Turn the Music Up!!!

Team: 28

School: CEPi

Area of Science: Physics-Acoustics

Interim: Interim: Team Number: 28
School Name: Creative Education preparatory Institute
Area of Science: Physical- Acoustics
Project Tittle: Turn the Music Up!!!
Problem Definition: Can we improve
the quality of a hearing-aid for musicians?

Problem Definition:
The problem with our project is that we need to figure out the programming necessary to create a specific hearing -aid made for musicians’ needs. Music is all around us: it is used for movies, plays, commercials, etc. Producers use classical musicians to create it. To have the talent of playing an instrument, you are required to practice for many years. Most musicians are advanced in age who require a hearing-aid or who have prolonged exposure to sound at high frequencies. Hearing-aids are a great tool for hearing, but they are custom-made with a directional microphone system to operate on the assumption that the listener will face the source of the sound they are most interested in hearing. Well, a musician has to be able to hear everything that is going on around them. It is said by musicians, “one orchestra one sound.”

Problem Solution:
We will create a stimulation of an orchestra that will have a musician ‘turtle’ with a directional hearing-aid and another musician ‘turtle’ with an omnidirectional microphone in the hearing-aid. We have yet to figure out how we will apply the directional programming of the hearing aid or our improved programming of the omnidirectional microphone, using NetLogo.

Progress to Date:
We have not advanced in working with NetLogo but we have talked to many people and gathered a lot of information that will contribute to the challenge. The people who we have spoken to are, Audiologist Charlean Raymond, who has given us information on the program that goes into a hearing-aid and how it works. We also spoke to Patty Meyers who gave us ideas on how to expand our project and helped us get in touch with Charlean Raymond.
Hearing loss among classical-orchestras musicians
By: Esko Toppila, Heli Koskine, Ilmari Pyykko

Expected Results:
We expect to talk to Carl Lund, who is a retired physicist. He will help us determine which frequency of waves will be most effective to use for our challenge. After we talk to him, we will explore NetLogo and figure out how to program a hearing-aid into NetLogo.

Team Members: Michelle Prince and Michelle Santos
Sponsoring Teachers: Thomas Bonzon and Angela Cordova

Team Members:

  Michelle Prince
  Michelle Santos

Sponsoring Teacher: TOM BONZON

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