New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Social Interactions Among MMORPG Gamers

Team: 22

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Social

Interim: Social Interactions Among MMORPG Gamers

Interim Report

In our project we’ve added more things to get to what we are really trying to find out with our question as to Social Interactions among MMORPG gamers. Through this research we want to find out how gamers not only interact with each other but how other speech (slang, new terms, euphemisms), and outside interactions (talking to real people, making girlfriends/boyfriends, interacting with family) also how we can see the money spent by these people on games, because on average 150$ can spent on MMORPGs weekly by obsessive players with many accounts.

Specifically in games like WoW (World of Warcraft), Sims, and Final Fantasy Realm Reborn there are people who form guilds; groups of people who play the game together and do things such as raids and quest within the virtual world to become better at the game. Also in these games slang is used. Such things include GG (good game), Ganking, which means to unexpectedly attack someone. Then there is how these people interact in the real world. Most of these people end up getting addicted to their virtual personas and never get out of their homes. Yes they most likely have jobs and such but would rather be spending time on their games.

As for the modeling for this project Adrian Tavizon and I ( Aaron Nieto) haven’t come up with a suitable model though we are working on it as of right now. We are asking for help and getting the appropriate tips and tricks for this part of the project. Before January we should have the start to our model and have a better understanding as to what to do.

Team Members:

  Aaron Nieto
  Adrian Tavizon

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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