New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Python Project

Team: 21

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Biology

Problem Definition

My teammates and I are modeling the effectiveness of traps on the Python Population inflation. The issue with this inflation is the long term effects this inflation has on the environment. In Florida, the Burmese Python is an invasive species. They were introduced there as pets, and they grew. People would then release them in the wild. In Florida, they have no natural predators. Because of this, they started to prey on the native mammals and birds unchecked. They are starting to cause the population of these mammals to drop, while the python’s population is rising. While nature usually will cause the population to crash, they are starting to adapt and have started to find other food sources.

Plan of Action

Our plan is to find the most effective, up to date trap, and model it on a large scale. We plan to use netlogo, although Python would be epic.

Progress Up to Date

Our progress up to date is research on traps and basic planning. We plan on starting programming before Christmas Break. We found a trap that they plan to be able to catch one python each with a 70% chance of success.

Results We Plan to Get

We plan to be able to bring the population down to a reasonable number. With occasional python casualties, and the traps, we hope to catch and kill several pythons.






5. My biology teacher gave us information, so I’m citing him.

Team Members:

  lesli atchison
  Elisabeth Partin
  Leah Romero

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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