New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Teen Smoking

Team: 20

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Health

Interim: Problem Definition:

The problem that our project is based upon is teen smoking. While we don’t mean to exactly solve the solution, we want to accentuate the the numbers of teens that smoke through indirect and direct means. For example, a teen who sees his friends smoking versus a teen who faces peer pressure to smoke.

Problem Solution:

We will create a program similar to an SIR program where a set amount of ‘turtles’ or ‘objects’ are set to roam around in an area. One turtle will be the ‘infected’ turtle and will serve as a teen who smokes. As it moves around and ‘socializes’ with the other turtles, there will be a chance for the other ‘turtles’ or teens to become ‘infected’. Using this and some real world numbers and statistics, we will use it to determine over what amount of time will a set amount of students begin to smoke.

Progress to Date:

As of this date, we have outlined our procedure and are currently trying to translate real-world statistics to an accurate estimation for a turtle/teen ratio. We are also currently looking for more variables to incorporate into our design to further increase our accuracy.

Expected Results:

Once finishing the model, it’s expected result is to raise awareness as to just how much of a problem teen smoking is. While teen smoking is a known issue, the impact of it’s damage isn’t as felt as much as it should. By giving raw data with real world numbers and visual representation, we hope to reiterate the impact of the problem, therein by hopefully sparking more expansive action against the usage of cigarettes by teens.

Team Members: Chris Nguyen, Christian Barrera, Jessica Maldonado

Team Members:

  Jessica Maldonado
  cristian barrera
  Christopher Nguyen

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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