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Reduction Of Concussion in Football

Team: 19

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Physics

Interim: In our model we are studying impact of force in ratio to concussion frequency and what improvement to equipment used in the process of football tackles in which we can reduce as much force as possible without removing the fundamentals of the game.
Many people believe the use of a custom mouth guard to a non-custom mouth guard is vital to the concussion process obviously the non-custom guard showed up more frequently in concussion patients. But there is no evidence that also suggests that this is the whole problem.

The helmet we have found that is most likely to reduce concussions has an external shell layered with padding and will possibly greatly reduce the impact force to the head in turn reducing concussions butt he goal of our model and project is to make minor adjustments to the equipment without making any adjustments to the game itself and this form of equipment may or may not also cause added rules to the game such as the outer shell of the helmet coming off.

There have been studies that also suggest that older leather helmets also reduce concussions and will is also an interesting point of topic discussion because in the eyes of improving equipment “newer must be better” which has been shown through history and advances in the modern age as well as the industrial revolution.
In order for the simulation model to work we will need a conclusive and concise block of if- then statements in in our code using newton’s as a unit of force to be hitting the “ dummies” in our model and also each piece of our model will have to be about 6-7 turtles so it will look aesthetically pleasing.
Each turtle will be specifically bred to represent a part of the body (arms, legs, head, etc.).

Team Members:

  jackson coats
  Cameron Jones
  Jerry Gurrola

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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