New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

How bad caan the spread of rabies be?

Team: 162

School: Taos Charter

Area of Science: Epidemiology

Problem Definition:

Rabies is a disease that can be notified as one of the most deadliest diseases. Although many Rabies cases are treated quickly, it does not leave enough deaths to make the top ten deadliest diseases but definitely the top 100. We will work to see whether rabies can one day effect, and with the data we will develop a plan so that if it were to become an epidemic, we could halt its growth. Incubation period can be from thirty to sixty days but it could show from ten days to multiple year in humans.

The importance of getting this information could be hopeless if a super medical center finds a new medical age for vaccines, or if a Rabies were to break out like the Plague.

But if an epidemic like this were to break out , we could help cure the disease.

Problem Solution: Through our modeling we will see how fast and how bad the spread of rabies can be through the continents. our model is going to have rabid animals and humans who are going to interact, and over time rabies is going to take over the world and infect everyone.

Progress to date: So far we have been learning how to program using Star Logo, and have been researching about rabies.

Reasons for Programing Rabies: Rabies is an intense disease that left untreated could be lethal. And symptoms with extreme hyperactivity to calm and confused . And to program something like Rabies which can kill in 4 to 14 days it could be a life saver if Rabies were to strike a part of the world somewhat like the plague.

Team Members:

  Lachlan Henderson
  Rowan Kinney
  Nialo Kinney

Sponsoring Teacher: Melissa Berryhill

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