New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Does Salinity affect certain sharks in the Pacific Ocean?

Team: 161

School: White Sands

Area of Science: Ecology

Interim: Problem Definition:
There has been a change of salinity in the past 50 years. With the change it should create an area of concern. Most likely this would change cause a chain reaction in the ecosystem. With the ecosystem changing the animals and plant would need to adapt. What we are trying to see is it will adapt or die off.

The goal of this project is to identify what would happen is the salinity levels do effect the sharks. Not only that but to create a solution should the need arise. For the program we will try to simulate the sharks and environment as accurate as possible for reliable results. We will use a slider for the salinity. This model will only have the selected shark in it with the salinity.

Problem Solution:
The simulation is going to have only one of the picked sharks in it. Therefore we shall have five different simulations to work with. The environment we are creating with have one of the specified sharks along with the salinity.

Progress to Date:
Currently, our team has been researching the sharks as well as salinity. We thought it might be best if we researched before we did the model. That way there is less room for error. Also we would like our model to be as accurate as possible. We are barely starting our model while we are learning the program.

Expected Results:
As of this moment in time we don't have any expected results.

Team Members:

  Jordan Valerio
  Joshua Northrup
  Catalina Sanchez-Maes

Sponsoring Teacher: Jim Maes

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