New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Photosynthesis: The Reversal of Pollution

Team: 151

School: Taos Middle School

Area of Science: Botany

Interim: Problem Definition:
Oxygen is essential for all living things in this world. Without it there would be nothing. But what if it all just disappeared? Well with all of the pollution in the atmosphere it might just happen. That is where we step in. During this challenge we are going to measure how much photosynthetically advanced alfalfa is needed to fight off pollution. If this simulation works we can see how long it will take until the pollution in the air is gone. If the pollution in the air is gone, in theory, it would reverse global warming. We are going to measure how long it will take to do so. Also, we are going to measure the energy (life) of the alfalfa so that it accurately shows how much pollution the alfalfa can take in until it dies.
Problem Solution:
The solution to the pollution, that we are modeling is the photosynthetically advanced alfalfa (we have found this data with actual experimentation using micronutrients). We chose alfalfa because it has many uses (medicinal, herbal, food, economic, animal food, etc.), because it is easy and fast to grow and finally because it is easy to enhance with micronutrients through the growing process.
Progress to Date:
Presently, we are in the process of finishing our model. At this point in time, the model consists of the photosynthetically advanced alfalfa in a grid that represents a farm along with all of our agents and sliders that are part of the set up and run. Although we haven’t completed our model we do have all of our data for our model, research and what we need to do set up and mapped out. This project is Delaney’s science fair project, and Delaney and Lena’s Ecybermission project and our Siemens Change the World project (we changed up the project for supercomputing a little bit to be able to compete in it). Because it is our project for several competitions including Science fair, Delaney is able to do the actual experimentation, which is where we got our data from.
Expected Results:
Our respected results, for this year’s challenge, are to be able to prove that we can save the world by using photosynthetically advanced alfalfa. But before that happens we expect to find that alfalfa can reverse pollution in a very reasonable amount of time. We also want to accomplish this year’s challenge successfully and hopefully become a finalist.

Team Members: Delaney Galligan and Lena Schulze
Sponsoring Teacher: Tracy Galligan

Team Members:

  Delaney Galligan
  lena schulze

Sponsoring Teacher: Melissa Berryhill

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