New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Fraccident Effects

Team: 15

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Environments/ Behavioral and Social Sciences

Interim: Team Number: 15
School Name: Centennial High School
Area of Science: Environmental/ Behavioral and Social Sciences

Project Title: Fraccident Effects
Problem Definition:
Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid - consisting of sand, water, and 600 various chemicals - into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release the natural gas inside. Fracking is very detrimental to the environment, with only about 30-50% of the chemical fracking liquid being recovered. The rest is left in the ground and is not biodegradable.
The goal of this project is to see how extensive the effects of fracking are on the environment and to model how information on fracking effects the population and their views on fracking.
Problem Solution:
We plan to solve the problem by modeling how education and awareness affects the views of fracking. By including the fraccidents that have occurred, we can model just how much of an impact knowledge has on public opinion.
Progress to Date:
As of now, our team has collected data and facts about fracking and our team is in collaboration with a geologist who has offered to give insight to the workings of fracking and the geology of the areas where fracking takes place. We have started on the model for our project, and have managed to complete the landscape.
Expected Results:
We expect the model to illustrate the approval rate of fracking going down with the increase of knowledge and awareness.
Team Members:
Analyssa Martinez, Arianna Martinez, Renata Starostka
Sponsoring Teacher:
Melody Hagaman

Team Members:

  Analyssa Martinez
  Arianna Martinez
  Renata Starostka

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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