New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Evolutionary Fractal Art

Team: 140

School: Sat Sci Math Acad

Area of Science: biology, computer science

Interim: Evolutionary Fractal Art
Mentor: Wayne Witzel
Team 140
Problem Definition
Flame fractals are beautiful mathematical patterns and range in appearance from very simple to extremely complex and have many different colors and shapes. They were invented by Scott Draves in 1992. Flame fractals can evolve by reproducing with other fractals to create fractals that are even more beautiful than their relatives. Fractals can evolve even faster by using human preference to drive evolution forward. Users can breed two fractals together and create a child with positive traits from both of their parents, with each generation of fractals becoming more beautiful.
The Evolutionary Fractal Art project uses an interactive website called The Fractal Breeding Game, The website uses gamification or the utilization of game techniques to collect larger amounts of useful data from users that volunteer their time because they are having fun. The website allows users to create a large flock of fractals and earn virtual money. Users breed fractals together and create new random fractals to add to their fractal flock. The objective of the game is to create or breed the most beautiful fractal to win contests or sell the fractals on the market place and earn virtual money. With the data from the website the project plans to show that by allowing the user to breed the fractals together with the use of gamification that the fractals will continuously evolve. We can quantify this by comparing how well a fractal does in the contests and marketplace versus its generation number.
Problem Solution
The Fractal Breeding Game is programmed using Web2py, Flam3, and Dreamweaver as tools. The basic functionality of the website is programmed through Web2py through python, HTML, and Java Script. The basic functionality of the website includes features like breeding fractals together, entering contests, and selling fractals on the market place. Flam3 is the program that breeds the fractals together. Web2py calls Flam3 to breed fractals together and create new fractals. We used Dreamweaver to generate some of the html and improve the appearance of the website. The data from the website will be created into graphs to test the hypothesis if fractals from higher generations will be more beautiful and worth more virtual money.
Progress to Date
The Evolutionary Fractal Art project is a continuation from 2012 SC Challenge. Last year I worked with Shavonne Betts who could not participate in SC Challenge this year. Last year a lot was accomplished the basic framework for the website was developed. Last year the fractal contests were programmed. The fractal contests allowed users to earn prestige and more game money. This year more features have been added to the website including the market place. The market place allows users to sell their fractals giving more opportunity to expand a fractal flock.
Expected Results
The future plan for the website is to continue to improve the user interface and the website performance on different connections and devices. Once the website is programmed it will be marketed and tested. The testing will ensure that website works properly. Also the website will need to be marketed to receive more website traffic and establish a user database. Once a community of users is established conclusive results with the evolution of fractals can be drawn.

Team Members:

  Rachel Washington

Sponsoring Teacher: Wayne Witzel

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