New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team: 14

School: Centennial High

Area of Science: Environmental

Interim: Team Number: 14

School Name: Centennial High School

Area of Science: Environmental

Title of Project: IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem Definition:

We’re modeling the effects of acid rain on our water supply and the ecosystems of bacteria and other life forms in that water supply. When acid rain come into contact with soil around a body of water, it releases aluminum into the water which kills off the life in the water.

Problem Solution:

Our plan of action is to model an ecosystem that shows a source of pollution (i.e. coal mine, nuclear power plant, etc.), and show how the pollutants enter the lower atmosphere with the rainfall.

Progress to Date:

We’re working on a basic model with made up data to work out exactly what we want our model to do. After we do this we plan on doing further quantitative research to plug into our model.

Expected Results:

To accurately model the effects of acid rain on water and organisms that live in it, using different variables found in nature.

Team Members:

Katrina Martinez, Sara Aristizabal, Lilia Taylor

Sponsoring Teacher:

Ms. Hagaman

Team Members:

  Lilia Taylor
  sara aristizabal
  Katrina Martinez

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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