New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Reverse Osmosis: Can it be Improved?

Team: 127

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Natural Sciences

Interim: Definition of our Problem: With the thousands of gallons of radioactive water being filtered and dumped into a canyon outside of Los Alamos, it almost makes you wonder if this water is as safe as scientists say. Without a doubt, I have full faith in the scientists who deem the water safe to dump, but what about other occasions where the water or other radioactive fluid isn't put through testing. That is what this project is being built for.

My Plan for Solving this Matter Computationally: I want to test Reverse Osmosis and how effective it may be by simulating it and by applying as many variables as possible so I can see what may increase and decrease the productivity. Such variables could be such said following: Velocity of Molecules, psi on Unfiltered Solution, Number of Permeable Membranes, Number of Solution Molecules, Temperature of Solution (In Kelvin).

Progress Made so Far: Since the meeting in Socorro, progress has been slow, but effective. I have had the GUI of the interface done for over 8 months now. Now the sweat and time goes into the engine and dynamic fluid engine.

The Results I Expect to Get: I expect to find fluctuations of productivity throughout the different simulations ran that have different variables set.

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Team Members:

  Stuart Perera

Sponsoring Teacher: harry henderson

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