New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The effect of Social Media on the World

Team: 126

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Social Science

Interim: Team Number
School Name: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy
Area of Science: Networks and Communication
Project Title:

Problem Definition:

Social Networks have changed the way we communicate. It has allowed for information to be shared and replied to in real time. In our simulation we intend to determine exactly how quick a social network can allow information to spread and the networking chains that it creates. In creating this simulation our team is learning about how social networking and the spread of information can be shown as synonymous to the stereotypical epidemiology project, in which we will have a patient zero going around spreading gossip. We will add the usage of Social Networks though to optimize information spread.

Problem Solutions:

The scenario we will explore is one of a piece of gossip being spread. The person who first hears of the information will be our “patient zero” he will then go around telling people until everyone knows. For our project though we will also implement the use of links to model information spread through a social network and who is involved in who’s social network. This should allow us to identify the original speed of information spread without social networks. We will then have a switch to activate the usage of social networks and we will rerun the simulation to see how much more efficiently it allows information to spread.

Progress to Date:

Currently at this time we have set up the situation in which information is spread without the use of social networks. We are at this time working on coding the social network and how it will be used by the population in our program. We will start with a small population and hopefully scale upwards to see how the results change.

Expected result:
Our expected results are that the spread of information will increase in speed as population increase because distance and location will no longer become a variable when Social Networks are being used. This should model the properties of social networks shown in the real world while allowing for abstraction.

Team Members: Trinity Medley
Nick Rambaldi

Team Members:

  Nick Rambaldi
  Trinity Medley

Sponsoring Teacher: harry henderson

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