New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Shoo Flu, Don't Bother Me! Part 2

Team: 124

School: Red Mountain Mid

Area of Science: medicine and health

Interim: The purpose of this experiment is to test the effect of the flu vaccine on different kids (7th grade). Because the influenza season starts around October, and doesn’t end until around January, we will begin keeping data in October up until January. Our information is made of the absences of few selected classrooms that will be graphed to compare the differences between groups of 7th graders.
Using this information, we will be able to determine if certain age variations will affect the vaccine’s effectiveness. One issue that may come up is that some information may be unavailable to us like whether or not a certain student received the vaccination, absence records, and other personal information.
The importance of our results is immense; if the age of the person affects the effectiveness of the vaccine, then doctors and scientists can work on a more efficient vaccine to fight the virus. Our results will prove the effectiveness of the flu vaccine on different age groups, and help test the theory of herd immunity.
The design for the Star Logo TNG project consists of a breed (David) that changes its shape into a hulk (the infected). First, we started off with the movement. We had them go a random number of steps and a random number of degrees. We seeded the infection (a certain number of David’s started off infected). Whenever two David’s would collide, a David would check if the other David was a hulk, and if it was, the non-infected David would then turn to a hulk. We are having problems with the infected David’s recovery, the death rate of the David’s, and the odds of a David becoming infected. The largest issue that we are having is the inaccuracy of our information. We are unable to proceed with our project due to the lack of information. We await the results of this year’s flu season in order to finish the experiment. We will continue working with the information we have, and will update the project when the new information is available.
What we expect to happen is to find the infection spreading smoothly, rarely any will die, most will recover, and eventually, the vaccination. We also plan on researching herd immunity, which theoretically means that if a certain percentage of the population is immunized, then the virus will stop, and adding it into our computer simulation.
Because our project is a continuation of our previous project, we already have a lot of the required information. However, the accurateness of our previous information may be inaccurate this year, because the influenza virus strains change seasonally. We must collect more data during the month of February before we can obtain a more conclusive set of results. Since the influenza virus changes every year, the only way are information can be fairly accurate is to record the information every year.
Here are some references to our research:

Team #1025
Isaiah Granado
Justin Maes
Antoni Varela
Mrs. Miller

Team Members:

  Isaiah Granado
  Antoni Varela
  Justin Maes

Sponsoring Teacher: Guyla Miller

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