New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 119

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Medicine and Health

Interim: Problem Definition:
Malaria is a growing problem in our society. Malaria is an infectious disease spread by mosquitoes. The goal of our project is to find a way to get rid of malaria.

Problem Solution:
We plan to get rid of malaria by testing the effects of mosquito repellent. We have started modeling this on starlogo TNG. In the model whenever a mosquito collides with a human, the human turns red. When they are red, they are infected. After a certain amount of time, the human either dies or recovers. When they die, they disappear from the model.

Progress so far:
In our model, we have it so that the disease spreads, people die, and people recover. We do not, however, have the mosquitoes in yet. The red people are infected. The green people are susceptible, and the blue people are immune.

Expected results:
We expect the repellent to keep the mosquitoes away from the humans so that they cannot infect the humans.


Team Members:
Joshua Tonks, Fabien Hacker, Jaden Caldwell

Sponsoring Teachers:
Mrs. Kindig, Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Gomez

Team Members:

  Joshua Tonks

Sponsoring Teacher: Gloria Kindig

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