New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

How Fast Can Chickenpox Spread?

Team: 118

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Epidemiology

Interim: Problem Definition:
Chickenpox is a disease caused by the varicella zoster virus and characterized by mild headache and fever, malaise, and eruption of blisters on the skin and mucous membranes. Chickenpox spreads from the person who has it to others just by coughing or even sneezing as it is a virus and spreads pretty easily. The goal of our project is to find out how quickly chickenpox can spread.

Problem Solution:
The way we plan to find the solution/answer to our problem/question is to build a model. It will have agents, infection, and recovery. It will have an infection rate and a recovery rate, and a graph to represent the model. It will basically be an epidemic model.

Progress to Date:
Right now we are working on our model and we have finished our research.

Expected Results:
We expect to find out how fast chickenpox can spread.


Team Members: Patricia Lara, Jackie Stull, Hailey Stull, Abrianna Ramirez

Sponsoring Teachers: Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Kindig, Mrs. Gomez

Team Members:

  Abrianna Ramirez
  Patricia Lara
  Hailey Stull
  Jacqueline stull

Sponsoring Teacher: Gloria Kindig

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