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What is the type of vaccine scientists have to cure West Nile?

Team: 117

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Medication, Infections

Interim: Problem Definition:
We are studying West Nile and trying to find vaccines. The West Nile is a disease carried by mosquitoes that occurs mainly in birds, but can also infect humans and animals. The goal is to find a way to keep mosquitoes from biting people. Not all people that get infected die. The Recovery rate is 3-15%.

Problem solution:
We are going to try and find some type of vaccine to keep mosquitoes from biting people. Right now we are trying to find out how it spreads. We are going to try different vaccines to help stop prevent West Nile.

Progress to date:
So far we have figure out it does not affect very many people. We have made a model in StarLogo TNG on how many people get infected. Out of what we have done we have found out the recovery and the infected rate out of the West Nile.

Expected Results:
We hope that over time less people get infected with West Nile using the Vaccines. After testing these vaccines in StarLogo TNG we hope to actually have the right answer.

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Team Members: Greg Montoya, Domenick Mathesion, Yeriel Tavera, Carlos Cano.

Sponsoring Teachers: Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Kindig, Mrs. Gomez

Team Members:

  yeriel tavera
  Gregory Montoya
  Domenick Matheison
  Carlos Cano

Sponsoring Teacher: Gloria Kindig

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