New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Predicting The Spread Of Scabies

Team: 108

School: Newcomb High

Area of Science: Health Science

Interim: Project Definition
Scabies is not a life threatening problem but it can spread very easily from person to person through contact. Scabies is caused by a mite known as Saccoptes Scabiei Hominis. The mite infests the skin by burrowing into the top layer of the skin known as the Epidermis where the mite will lay its eggs. Scabies can spread easily in crowded areas like nursing homes, Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, and extra-care facilities. The symptoms of scabies is pimple-like irritations or a rash, intense itching (especially at night), and sores caused by scratching.

Our main goal of this project is to predict the spread of scabies by formulating a simulation on Net Logo which will be able to help us find a way to stop the spread of scabies once someone has been infected.

Problem Solution
The simulation will be conducted in Net Logo. The simulation of the project will help us predict the pattern in which scabies spread. Once the pattern has been detected then we will try to create another simulation where the people or agents in the simulation has been informed. We will then re-run the simulations until we have the information needed to finish this project.

Progress to date
Currently, we are in the process of exploring Net Logo and learning how to incorporate the data collected into the simulations and to the other possible outcomes which will help us with our predictions. The outcomes of the simulations will be the results we will study.

Expected Results
After, reviewing our results and the simulation we hope to achieve a way for all contagious diseases to be predicted, so we will have a way of stopping them before the infection spreads even further. So doctors and other scientist will be able to easily predict the disease's path. Using this will make tracking dangerous contagions a lot easier than leaving the lab to go study it in the field.

Team Members: Kimberly Begay, Chloe St. Maria, Brittnie Watchman, Corminda Henry, and Jodie Tsostie

Team Members:

  Kimberly Begay
  Chloe Ysabelle Sta. Maria
  Brittanie Watchman
  Corminda Henry
  Jodie Tsosie

Sponsoring Teacher: Geizi Llanes

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