New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 105

School: Newcomb High

Area of Science: Newcomb High

Interim: Problem Definition: As a team we have the intelligence to not eat anything that is unhealthy because we know that it will cause something bad in our system. But mostly because on the reservation we had a lot of people that have the type one and type two diabetes in the New Mexico and also the Arizona area were the elders had the most in the type two diabetes which is the highest out of all the states. The other thing is that the young ones also are starting to get the disease because they don't take of themselves.The thing that lead us to our prediction is that we get it from our parents who also tells us the same thing about diabetes and also from the book. So as a team we found out that type two diabtes is the highest on the reservation.

The goal of project is to make sure that our percentage is accurate if it isn't accurate then there is no way that our project will have proof. Also as a team we had a lot of decisions on who will do ceratin parts for the accurate percentage of diabetes and also to stay as a team also.

Problem Solution:To solve diabetes is that the number of people who get diabetes on the reservation should be more healthier and more active on the reservation.When most people get type two diabetes they should really take care of the health and go running or walking. And go easy on anything that has fatty things, or sugar.And live a healthy lifestyle ot take medication.

Progress to Date: Well presently now, our group has done signifant research on our topic,Diabetes. Diabetes is a common disease on the reservation and mostly, our elders are the one endured the sickness. We are also learning about the computer programming, StarLogo, pertaining that we are first timers in the supercomputing challenge. But even though we are first tiers, we are doing our best to keep up with the information that is needed.

Expected Results: After researching about the diabetes in New Mexico around the reservation with the type one and type two diabetes. New Mexico had the most type two diabetes according to our line chart. The researching we had expected was that type one diabetes had the most diabetes here on the reservation. The problem with researching about typw two diabetes and type one diabetes is that we had to look at all the data on the computer and if all the pages were updated. We had decided that we should help student and also many of our community members to eat healthy food and also to prevent diabetes

Team Members:

  Shaleen Jumbo
  Buelah Begaye
  Chancelane Begay
  ceaderick yazzie
  Sonshyin Lee

Sponsoring Teacher: Arnida Acosta

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