New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Promoting Awareness on Meningitis

Team: 103

School: Newcomb High

Area of Science: Epidemics

Interim: Problem Definition:

Meningitis is a diseases caused by a virus that is usually spread through the mouth. A well known example of mode of how the virus is transmitted is through sharing of drinks by different people. This causes the virus to be passed on easily as the mouth and the saliva as the point of contact between humans. This unsanitary practice is common among younger people or people living in the same household.

The goal of this project is to show a model of the spread of Meningitis with controllable factors and create an awareness program to show to other people specially to our community of students how this virus that can affect the brain can be passed on and how the transmission can be prevented. A model or simulation of the mode of transmission and possible spreading can give a much clear picture of the process of how we can get it.

Problem Solution:
As starters on Computer Programming, the group has decided to use StarLogo to create a model to show our problem and objective. The program will help us create an awareness program to show to our community that the unsanitary practice of sharing drinks (and even food, e.i. pickles) can lead to acquiring the virus that causes meningitis. Unfortunately, this practice is very common among younger generations during certain circumstances (game nights, after PE or any strenuous activities and trips). Using series of factors that can affect the transmission, we can show the predictability of the spreading of this virus that causes meningitis.

Progress to Date:
Currently as a team, we are enjoying on learning how to use the StarLogo. We have come up with the plan of choosing our "turtles". We have thought of using a human - like turtle so if we present this to our community, it will appear to be more realistic and convincing. We have played on how to change the terrain of the space land and how we can better show our communities. We want to create at least 3 factors or conditions that affect the spread of the virus so the prediction will be easier.

Expected Results:
The model that we will create is something that is easy to be understood and shared to our fellow students as they are our target population. This will hopefully decrease the sharing of drinks (and food) among students. Our result will not only raise awareness in our school but also to the surrounding community.

Team Members:

  Juwan Sandman
  Deion Randolph
  Tyra Claw
  Kristen Yazzie
  Derrick Silversmith

Sponsoring Teacher: Arnida Acosta

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