New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Athma on the Navajo Reservation

Team: 102

School: Newcomb High

Area of Science: Epidemic Model

Interim: Team Number: 102
School Name: Newcomb High School
Area of Science: Epidemic Model
Project Title: Asthma on the Navajo Reservation

Problem Definition:
There were more than 300 asthma attacks on the Navajo Reservation and several other asthma related attacks almost every year. These were the result of the use of fossil fuels used to generate electricity at various power plants around the Navajo Nation.

The goal of our project is to determine the results of the spread of pollution from power plants on the Navajo Reservation and the severity of the symptoms if the pollution is very heavy.

Problem Solution:
We will be using Starlogo to create our simulation which will determine the spread of pollution, the virus, and severity of symptoms, which will be determined by the recovery rate. The recovery rate would most likely be determined on age, the amount of exposure to each person, and the type of immunity of each person to the power plant emissions.

Progress to Date:
We are presently working on a way to process this goal and create an almost exact replica of the Navajo Nation terrain for the use of our project. We will station immovable "power plants" in Starlogo and they will release the pollution into the air and eventually affect a person with asthma.

Expected Results:
The results would be used to see how pollution contributes to asthma attacks that occur on the Navajo Reservation. Also, the results would show pollution is a very strong agent that can kill a person with asthma.

Team Members:
Calvin Yazzie, Jalayne Tsosie, and Josiah Cleveland

Sponsoring Teacher:
Arnida Acosta

Team Members:

  Jalayne Tsosie
  Josiah Cleveland
  Calvin Yazzie

Sponsoring Teacher: Arnida Acosta

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