New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Wasted Energy

Team: 91

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Energy

Interim: Problem Definition:
The problem we are trying to solve is the fact of less energy sources available. As a nation, and as a world, we need to find a new source of energy to sustain our civilizations. To solve this problem, our team has decided to model a simulation of how human waste can be used as an alternative energy source. With all non-renewable resources being used to highly unnecessary extents, we find this source intriguing. Using our own fecal matter, we as a human race can alter it into a usable energy source. This can solve the problem of a possibility of no energy available to us and the problem (as a bonus) of over filled sewage plants.
The goal of our model and simulation is to compare results of gases given off from feces and converted to energy with other alternative energy sources. We will also compare it to the current most popular source of energy, oil. We will compare the different sources by how long they last with current usage statistics, pollutants possibly given off, and cost efficiency.

Problem Solution:
To solve this constant problem of energy resources, we are going to use a NetLogo agent based model to simulate the outcomes of the human waste energy source. We will then compare it to other, commonly known energy resources with separate models. We will use this to determine if human waste as an energy source is a more efficient way to provide energy.

Progress to Date:
To date, we have researched many different variables that we will use within our programming. We have programmed certain, crucial parts of the simulation with NetLogo. After further research and thinking, we have decided to simulate something similar to decomposition and compost. We have certain organisms that gather around the waste and the waste is consumed by them.
We have also attempted programming the decomposition from heat, so that the gases may be more concentrated. When gases are released into the contained area, there will be a counter as to see how many gas molecules are actually given off. Currently, we are working on a separate model to create a generator in which it takes the amounts of gas given off and turns it into a safe, reliable energy resource.

Expected Results:
Our expected results in this project include human waste being a valuable energy resource alternative. As it is, we have an abundant amount of it. If done in a controlled environment (which we are modeling), it may be useful for generations to come. We expect to see long usage of the human waste in the model.

Team Members:

  Sierra Venegas
  Zandi Ashley Cabiltes
  Sera Martinez

Sponsoring Teacher: harry henderson

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