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Shoe Flu, Don't Bother Me!

Team: 88

School: Red Mountain Mid

Area of Science: Medicine & Health

The influenza virus is an epidemic that affects the respiratory system. In some cases, it can be deadly. The flu vaccine does not always get rid of the disease. This is the problem for our project. For example, some people experience the Flu virus even after receiving the influenza virus. This could be the result of many factors, whether it is because of the different vaccines or if the vaccine is living or dead.
The purpose of our real life experiment is to survey 101 seventh grade science students to find out which students received the nasal influenza vaccine. We will compare this data to the number of students absent before receiving the vaccine in August and September to the number of students absent after receiving the vaccine in November and December. The students surveyed did receive the vaccine in October.
Solution to Problem:
We hope to solve this problem computationally when our project is examined by a health professional, inspiring him/her to create a more effective vaccine. By using the program StarLogo, we will demonstrate the purpose of the flu through the creation of a video game. It will demonstrate our science project.
Current Progress:
We began our project by researching both the flu and flu vaccine. Then, we gathered the needed information to begin a science project based on our current project. Next, we typed our proposal using the information researched. We are currently working on our real life science project to collect data for our StarLogo computer program. In this program people will wonder around the terrain randomly. There will be one individual person infected at the beginning of each level. As the individual walks around the terrain, he/she could make contact with others, infecting them as well. The infected individual will change to the color green to make them noticeable. We also plan to show captions, sort of like comic books, to show how the disease started.
Results we expect:
We plan on testing the effectiveness of the vaccine through the comparison of absences between students who have received the vaccine to those who have not. We expect to get results around January, hopefully showing the ineffectiveness or effectiveness of the vaccine. We expect to criticize the influenza vaccine.
Our information was obtained on the following sites.
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Team Members:
Antoni Varela
Isaiah Granado
Justin Maes
Mrs. Miller

Team Members:

  Antoni Varela
  Isaiah Granado
  Justin maes

Sponsoring Teacher: Guyla Miller

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