New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Electric Wind Shock

Team: 78

School: Moriarty High

Area of Science: Engineering

Interim: Team Number: 78
School Name: Moriarty High School
Area of Science: Engineering
Project Title: Electric Wind Shock

Problem Definition:
Imagine waking up two hours late and missing an important meeting, or even waking up to a refrigerator with a bunch of rotten food! When we get power outages, in Edgewood, we lose many services like: lighting, heating, cooling, and alarm clocks. Power outages are a huge issue that we hope to solve by the technology of wind power. We want to see how many wind turbines are needed to power our town in case of a power outage.

Our Plan:
Our model will use Star Logo, we have started making a windmill. We will demonstrate how wind turbines will power our town when we get power outages. Our model will also show how many wind turbines it takes to power our town. Our first version of the model will show how much electricity can be generated by one wind turbine. We will have other versions that demonstrate power usage with many wind turbines, we will determine how many wind turbines to use according to our research.

Progress to Date:
Up to now our team has started our simulation of Windmills and power outages using StarLogo language. We are just in the beginning stages of StarLogo programming. Up to date we have created one agent (a wind turbine) and several agents that are our wind. We are working on having the wind agents randomly move around and when they collide with our wind turbine they die and we count them as stored energy. We've been working on our final report also. We have been researching many different sources to use for our project and simulation. We have contacted the windmill farm in Pastura NM to take a tour and discuss how the wind turbines work and convert energy.

Expected Results:
We hypothesize that wind turbines will successfully provide electricity during a power outage. We also think that we will need less than 10 wind turbines to power the entire town of Edgewood. We expect that our town will not have any more power outages after implementing wind turbines as a backup power source.

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Team Members:

  Natasha Cordova
  Jared Davidson
  Matthew Pearce
  Michael Pearce

Sponsoring Teacher: Jennifer cordova

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