New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Illegal Immigration

Team: 76

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: Social Economy

Interim: Team number: 76
School name: Mesa middle school
Area of science: Social economics
Project title: Illegal Immigration

Definition: Hello we are doing a project on Illegal Immigration and we are expanding our project. We are doing a project about how immigrants come to our countries to work and could get a better life. We are trying to come up with some information of how or why they came here. We are creating a project of Illegal Immigration of how the population increased and how the immigrants got the green card.

Problem Solution: The solution is to let the economy for illegal immigration come to this country. That it will allow the immigrants to tax in the money in the federal government.

Progress to date: That we did a similar project last year and we did research about how all immigrants contribute to the economy. That we found out last year that all immigrants, illegal and legal, contributed to the tax base.

Expected Results: Immigration is still good for the economy of the united states.

Team Members: Karina Velazquez
Sponsor: Ms. Mikesell

Team Members:

  Karina Velazquez

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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