New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Team: 73

School: Melrose

Area of Science: Biology, Ecology

Interim: Project:
Our project is about how the deer and the antelope populations have changed. We are also looking at how the deer and the antelope have migrated into new range areas. We chose this project because our family members have noticed that the ranges and distributions of deer and antelope have changed over the years in Quay and Curry counties.

Our problem is trying to predict the further spread and interactions between deer, antelope, and the local ecosystems.

Problem Solution:
We are planning on solving our problem by making a model of Quay and Curry counties on StarLogo TNG this will include a map of the area with the different landforms and land usages such as farmland, grassland, the caprock, Ute Lake, towns, and homesteads.

We have researched the trends followed by the deer and the trends followed by the antelope. We have found wildlife census data to help us view past movements and determine new ones.

Expected Results:
After researching what the antelope and deer like to do we are going to design a map of where the antelope use to be and how they have migrated over the years. Based on that knowledge we will try to predict where the antelope and deer will migrate to.

Team Members: Mackenzie Perkins, Rebecca Rush, and Jouie Barnes

Sponsors: Alan Daugherty, and Rebecca Raulie

We have done research on the computer on Google and Wikipedia. We have also done personal interviews.

Personal interview: Tom Perkins, New Mexico State Land Office: 505-832-6213

Personal interview: Ray Rush, Farmer 575-458-7184 QR 36 McAlister, NM

Species Management and Identification CEV Multi Media New Mexico FFA Contest Wildlife Material

Deer Wikipedia Article December, 2012

Antelope Wikipedia Article November, 2012

Life on Earth David Attenborough 1987

Macmillan Animal Encyclopedia Dr. Philip Whitfield 1984

Team Members:

  Jouie Barnes
  Mackenzie Perkins
  Rebecca Rush

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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