New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Energetic House

Team: 72

School: Melrose

Area of Science: Physics and Conservation

Problem Definition:

Our project is to study energy resources available to an average American home. Which one will give a house more energy, a solar panel, wind turbine, or geothermal energy? Are there other possible options? We are hoping to find out how a typical American family that can use an alternative energy source and how it can be beneficial to them, as well as to the environment.

Problem Solution:

We will use StarLogo TNG to model the energy from the sun and wind and how it can be utilized in a basic family owned home. This is important because in the future we may need to use either solar panels or wind turbines, and geothermal energy for energy. We will also estimate the economic viability of using these resources. Our model will incorporate conservation practices as well

Process To Date:

We are currently doing research on different energy sources and finding how much power they create and how much they cost. We are finding the amount provided by: wind, solar, and geothermal energy. Our research on conservation is mainly about insulation effectiveness. We found research on many websites and books from our local library.

The Expected Results:

We hope to build a model of a home that can show how it can be energy efficient and how it can be produced at a reasonable price. We hope to prove that it can be beneficial for everyone and the economy by using alternative energy sources. We also hope to find out how we will use green energy in the future.

Team Members:

Cheyenne Reynolds, Zoe Rodriguez, and Ashley Hudson
Sponsoring Teachers:
Alan Daugherty and Rebecca Raulie
Citations: “Solar Energy Levels by State” “Solar Panel Energy Output”
‘Book of Alternative Power’ Mother Earth News Publications 1983
Farmers Electric Corp – Clovis New Mexico Energy Bulletin 15A

Team Members:

  Cheyenne Reynolds
  Zoe Rodriguez
  Ashley Hudson

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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