New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

space station

Team: 69

School: Melrose

Area of Science: space, Biology

Interim: Names: William Boughan, Nathan Wech, James Rush, Tray Milano
Melrose High Schools
Problem Definition:
Our project is about construction of a space station with a closed system. A closed system is one that is self-sustaining without any outside resources other than sunlight. This will recycle nutrients and wastes for further use. It is import to do so to save the fuel, energy, and the resources. We have picked organisms for the space station based on their unique characteristics. We hope to find a correct balance for long term survivability within this closed system. This will allow a long term viable space station for future use, and for space exploration.
Problem solution:
We are going to make a model that has several different organisms. Each organism uses and provides different materials to the system, such as wastes, nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. We will use StarLogoTNG. The agents will consume and create different things. The organisms will try to keep a steady life cycle. Humans also consume food and water.
Progress to Date:
We have selected organisms for the space station based on their needs and products they create. They are: people, wheat, grapes, soy beans, goats, chickens, and catfish. We have a diagram that shows what each organism brings in and puts out. This will show how to model the processed materials. We have also researched information about how space stations are constructed.
Expected results:
Our expected results are to find the balance between organisms that will allow for long term survival without outside inputs.
Title: Space station science Author: Marianne J. Dyson October 1999
Title: Mission Mathematics Author: Peggy House July 20 1996


Team Members:

  richard millero
  nathan wech
  james rush
  william boughan

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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