New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The Gravity of the Situation

Team: 65

School: Manzano High

Area of Science: Astrophysics

Interim: Problem Definition: Our program aims to show Einstein’s theory of General Relativity in action. As far as we know the theory of General Relativity has yet to be depicted using a computer model. We hope to get reliable equations, create a NetLogo model, modeling the theory of General Relativity, and do some real world testing of the theory using real world materials. A computer simulation on how Einstein viewed gravity could allow for new ideas to spawn or for further research into Einstein’s theory to be started.

Plan of Action: We are going to start by getting reliable information on Einstein’s theory. Next, we are going to gather reliable equations for our model. Then, we are going to create a workable model. And lastly, we hope to do some real world scale testing.

Progress to date: So far we have gathered reliable information on Einstein’s theory. And we have also started a model in NetLogo 3D. Our model consists of a 2 dimensional plane which represents Space-Time, and a planet in the center. We are working on making the Space-Time fabric form around the planet.

Expected Results: We expect to have a mostly functional model by the end of January. We also expect to start real world testing sometime in late February.






Team Members:

  Brendyn Toersbijns
  Alexis Ortiz

Sponsoring Teacher: Stephen Schum

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