New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Global Warming, can we do Something about it?

Team: 62

School: Los Alamos Mid

Area of Science: ecology

Interim: Introduction:
Global Warming is a major problem that we cannot ignore. Many scientists think that Greenhouse gases are contributing to global warming. Also, Carbon Dioxide is a major greenhouse gas. Humans are emitting Carbon Dioxide and they are also cutting down trees. Be doing this people are taking away the very things that help get rid of Carbon Dioxide. We think that by replanting trees, we can help reverse some of the harm that we have been doing.

Problem Definition: We are working on a project to see if deforestation is affecting global warming, and if it is, if replanting trees will help restore natural order. Also, if it can, how many trees should we replant? We are going to simulate a stable environment, which is when there is a balance in the number of Carbon Dioxide and the number of trees. Then we will get rid of some trees to represent deforestation. We are using Netlogo to simulate this environment.

Progress: So far, we have been able to stimulate a stable environment. Our trees can absorb carbon dioxide and they reproduce. We have animals that emit natural carbon dioxide as well. We still have not been able to ‘cut down ’any trees.

Expected results:
After finishing, we should get results that say that we can do something to help reduse the man-made effects that are affecting global warming.


Team Members:

  Sara Shiina

Sponsoring Teacher: Pauline Stephens

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