New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Optimal Conditions for Wind Power Generation

Team: 54

School: Los Alamos High

Area of Science: Energy

Interim: President Obama said "Wind farms are an important part of our ongoing efforts to make the United States more energy independent... " As fossil fuels run out, people are looking for alternative energy sources. Perhaps the most favorable is wind power. However, wind power is not fully worthwhile without superlative conditions.

We will model a wind turbine under various conditions. Using python, we will imitate real life circumstances. The program will output a graph of the most efficient situation. Using the formulas, we will be able to find the solution to the optimal conditions of a wind turbine.

So far, we have researched and found some of the formulas. We also have gotten all of the visual part done. We plan now to research more of the way conditions affect wind turbines, and then start our tests.

This program can be used for future sites of wind turbines, and can be used to find the right balance.

Team Members:

  Phillip Heikoop
  Seungheon Kim

Sponsoring Teacher: Lee Goodwin

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