New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Water Solutions

Team: 46

School: Jackson Middle School

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Interim: Team Number: 046
School Name: Jackson Middle School
Area of Science: Environmental Science
Project Title: Water Solutions

Problem Definition:
Elephant Butte Reservoir is part of Elephant Butte Lake State Park. It is part of the Rio Grande project to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation to south-central New Mexico and west Texas. The reservoir can hold 2,065,010 acre-feet.

Fishing, paddle boating, water skiing, swimming, and camping are the main sources of contamination for lakes. Our team has decided to work on Elephant Butte Lake and Reservoir to figure out how to take out the toxins in the water. We will investigate on the causes and a method to take out the chemicals. We plan to research how to remove the chemicals from the lake water.

Problem Solution:
We will solve this problem by investigating different forms of energy to remove the chemicals and save the water by using solar and hydroelectric energy to filter the water. We are looking to find two solutions to model. One of the models would have to be a hydroelectric filter that receives the chemicals and releases the water.

Progress to Date:
We have not found enough reliable sources yet to help us completely identify the toxins and methods of removal. We believe that solar and hydroelectric power can both be used to clean the water. We will be using Starlogo TNG to do the modeling for this project. We have thought of using the technology of a centrifuge to speed up the oil and water and separate it. This tool has been used to separate chemicals apart and can be used to separate the chemicals in the lake.

Expected Results:
We hope to be surprised, but are looking for a solution to help all of the lakes and rivers in New Mexico. Our hope is to find a way to better use our water resources. We will be collecting samples of water from the lake to test for pollutants. The centrifuge is expected to separate the water from everything else like oilrigs do.

Team Members:
Matt Armijo, Jimmy Duong, Luu Thanh, Terrell Onsae, Randie Terrill

Team Members:

  Matthew Armijo
  Jimmy Duong
  Randie Terrill
  Luu Thanh
  Terrel Onsae

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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