New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Blueprint of Energy Efficiency

Team: 44

School: Grants High

Area of Science: Engineering

Interim: Problem Definition:
As far as calculations for how energy efficient a building might be, it can be rather limited to how far a person is willing to go. Also, it may prove difficult for the person to actually store and keep track of the data that he/she has collected. Given, they may have an efficient way of doing so, many may prefer to instead, use some sort of program that can help give them an accurate prediction without having to do too much manual work. Then, there comes an issue with the actual visualization of the energy efficiency. Though it is true that they might have the data collected, visualization may further improve understanding and impact.
Problem Solution:
So, as a possible solution, there will be a program created that will help people visualize an accurate prediction of the energy efficiency. Furthermore, the program would be able to convert data entered into it into a blueprint, which engineers could utilize to construct buildings. This would help to slightly ensure that the building would be adequately energy efficient. Also, in doing this, it may help the owners of the buildings save money, since they do not have to pay for as much gas for heating. However, this may not be full-proof, as there is a natural change in weather. Nonetheless, if the building is adequately energy efficient, money should be saved.
Progress to Date:
As is, the team has not made much progress in the actual programming; we are still practicing and playing around with the main mechanics of the Java programming language. Instead, we have focused more on the research on which this project and the actual programming will be supported on. Such items include average energy efficiency, ways of conserving energy, how to do the actual programming, what kinds of blueprints are to be expected, modern architectural tools, and so on.
Expected Results:
By the end, we are hoping that we will be able to actually create the blueprint program that will show a visualization of energy efficiency by way of color. Also, in this program, the user will be able to actually go in and mess with the small details, such as the arrangement of a window, wall, etc., and then, when they are appropriately satisfied, they would have an option of generating the actual blueprint of the building.
Team Members:
As of right now, there are technically 3 members of Team 44, however, there were some slight complications of wanting to side with a certain kind of project, so now (for this particular project), there are 2 members. These two members are: J.T. Goodart and Wing Lin.

Team Members:

  Wing Lin
  Jon Goodart

Sponsoring Teacher: Samuel Daunt

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