New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Powering the Past; Energizing the Future

Team: 106

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: Electrical Engineering


Problem Definition:

From the moment Benjamin Franklin began experimenting with a kite in a lighting storm, humans have been attempting to harness the power of electricity. Its uses have been experimented with, changed, shifted and so many other things and it has become the powerhouse for our entire world. It runs our world, from our lights, our water, to our main forms of communication, and without it, we would be at a loss. However, there are problems arising with keeping our “electric world’ running. The electric grid that our country runs on is extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks and huge blackouts; and the sources we use to create our electricity could run out sooner than expected, leaving us in the dark. Additionally the current form of electric transmission is extremely wasteful. To prevent the possibility of a destructive collapse of electric grid, or electricity system, we are looking into new ways to power our world. This is what are group is beginning to do, however we believe that to power and protect the future we must look to the ideas of the past, and the thoughts of those that brought us to where we are today.

Nikola Tesla, is famous for the creation of the Tesla Coil, which was an amazing invention. Using the ideas behind the creation of the Tesla Coil, the goal of our project is to research the idea of transferring electricity without wires. Although a Tessa Coil has proven not to work in a system of non-wired electric transmission the idea of wirelessly transferring electricity remains intriguing. First, we will build a physical model of a Tesla coil and begin by retesting a few of the experiments Tesla completed himself. We will test the input variables and output variables of electric conductivity and discharge from the Tesla Coil. We will demonstrate the electric conductivity from point A to point B, and test the distance of conductivity. We also intend to research the possibility of a device being created that could power a home or business without wiring.

Problem Solution:

Creating a device that could wirelessly transmit/ conduct electricity as well as store it would make our electric grid less susceptible to disruption whether unintentional or intentional, such as a terrorist attack, improving national security. At completion, this program will model a “city” that runs off wireless electricity. Using data collected from experimentation with the Tesla Coil, it will show a modified version of the Tesla Coil with realistic applications and usage. It will then distribute the electric current resulting in powering the “city.” By doing this we will test the potential of the creating a device that can wirelessly distributed electricity.

Current Progress:

Currently, we have completed a working model of a Tesla Coil, the second, which will be used to verify data, is in its final stages of completion. We have tested several different programs to see which one will work best with the data and requirements we have for our model. We have written a basic code that distributes wireless electricity to the “city”. Next, we plan to work backwards to discover the requirements for a wireless electrical transmission device using the data gathered from extensive testing with the Tesla Coil and electrical experiments. We will collect this data by putting our Tesla Coil through numerous tests, similar to those done by Tesla. We will start by testing the input and output variable of electric conductivity and discharge. Then we will began experimenting with the distance of an electric field we can create and see if we can find a way to pinpoint the source of conduction.

Expected Results:

The final product of this project could potentially lead to further research in wireless electricity and raise awareness about the risks in our current system of electrical distribution. We expect to be able to demonstrate that electricity can be transferred wireless with a proper distribution and receiving system. The program will model this distribution of electricity through a city and help develop the requirements for the possible creation of a wireless electricity distributor.


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Team Members:

  Emma Clary-Gelinas
  Kaleb Brown
  Jose Montoya

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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