New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Facebook Farkle Program

Team: 105

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: Statistics

Interim: Problem Definition:
Farkle is a simple dice game that is based off of chance and strategy. In order for players to be successful, they must be able to understand the odds of the dice and how to incorporate them into their playing. Facebook, a popular social networking site, has a version of Farkle that has the full original Farkle experience, but with slightly different odds and power-ups that allow for a more immersed and competitive experience.

The goal of this project is to design and construct a program that will aid the user in Facebook Farkle game play. The program will keep track of the player's score, their available power-ups, and the state of the dice that are in play. It will also understand the statistics involved in Facebook Farkle in order to compute what the user's best course of action is.

Problem Solution:
Using Matlab, we plan on creating a learning algorithm that will take data from the Facebook Farkle game and use it to learn the probability of the game. From there we will begin the development of our program. The program will allow the user to input dice rolls and bonus die while keeping track of the course of the game. When the player inputs a dice roll, the program will respond with instructions on what the player should do next.

Progress to Date:
So far, we have been learning statistics and probability while working on learning how to use Matlab, which is new to us.

Expected Results:
The final program will be a fully functional, user friendly, interactive environment that will boost user's level of success while broadening their understanding of statistics and probability. Although it is not very practical, in the future the idea can be used in many different areas of research involving probability.

Team Members:

  Jonathan Daniels
  Joseph Orona
  Albert Reed

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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