New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Solar heater

Team: 103

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: Physical and enviriromental science

Interim: Problem Definition:
Every single year we attempt to find more and more ways to conserve as much of our energy resources as possible, such as natural gas and oil, however these things are non-renewable energy sources. That means that there is an inadequate supply of them. By using renewable energy sources, for instance solar power, we are reducing the total amount of energy that is wasted each and every year. Solar power is one of the top ten renewable energy sources. 85% of the energy consumed in the world today is generated by wasting energy sources that are non-renewable such as gas, oil and coal. The use of these resources is causing damage to our future. Fossil Fuels are extremely pollutant. They also cannot be used forever. Eventually these fossil fuels are not going to even be an option at all!

Solving the Problem:
To solve the problem, my team mate and I are going to be building a simulation model of a solar powered air heater the Starlogo TNG and/or NetLogo programs. Although it is a slight contribution to wasting less energy we know it will be effective. By making a solar powered appliance such as an air heater, we are opening the doors to more appliances being built that are solar powered instead of using non-renewable energy such as electricity. With more of these appliances being built, there is less of a need for electricity and for other non-renewable energy sources.

Progress to Date:
At this point in time, we have assigned different people on our team to different areas. Ana is working on programing. So far Ana has created a Model Using google sketch up and converted that into a simulation on NetLogo.Her plan is to show the sun rays go through the solar panal. It will then charge the battery.The battery is going to be connecting to a motor that has a negative and positive charge. The motor will then run from the electic currents that we get from the solar panal.Kori is working on the technical writing, and building. She has written out all of our plans our progress and how things are being done.As far as bulding she has been getting the parts ready to put together. I have taken apart the tower of an old desktop computer. We are using the fan from the inside of that.I have also taken apart an old blow dryer that will be what adds in the heat.

Expected results:
When we are finished with our project we expect that the suns energy will be efficient enoguh to warm a dog house. We will have opended the doors for more appliances to be built using solar power to save more energy.

Team Members:

  Anastasia Gallegos
  Kori Bryant

Sponsoring Teacher: Creighton Edington

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