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products of solar energy

Team: 102

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: Solar energy conversions and usage

Interim: The problem is high end energy costs and the fact that we are using up all our irreplaceable recourses like coal and oil. We need to find alternative ways of doing simple tasks such as heating the water we use in our house hold. We could use solar energy to preform that same task and not use up our recourses. We heat water from about 50 degrees F to 120 degrees F and store it at that constant degree all day. If we were to first preheat the water from 50 degrees F to say theoretically 80 degrees F we would use considerably less energy. That is the problem we face that we must fix.

My plan for solving the problem computationally is to create a code that will be able to simulate the sun heating water from its base temperature to a higher degree. The coding will be able to simulate a solar collective device that is heating the water. The program will be representative of how much time a day it will be heating the water. And to simulate occurrences that can disrupt the collective devices connection to the ray of the sun which are its power source of heating the water. Though the plan may be in the first few steps it is in progress towards completion.

My progress so far includes a few simple commands for the program to simulate the sun giving off light, and the rays being able to raise the temperature of a set or random area of space. I have made similar models before this so I have much of the needed experience to complete this project. My progress may be in little amount but I have the recourses needed for it to be completed before it is due.

I expect my results to be capable of showing me how effective a collective device to the degree my coding skills can create will be. I also expect it to show how much the base waters temperature will rise. The program should be able to tell me how much the temperature has risen during the simulation of one day/24 hrs. They should show how much energy I am using per hour. The actual results may be different from what I expect. My expectations are that with these results I will be able too accurately predict how efficient the solar device souled work in a controlled environment.

I have cited my research from websites like,,,,, I have used these and more websites to site my research on how solar energy conversion works, and knowledge on how I would computationally construct a model to show solar energy conversion. These are just a few of manny sites that I have used for my ideas on building a computational model for my project. I have also obtained odd end parts from a local company that manufactures solar devices to use for more direct research.

Team Members:

  doniven gallegos

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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