New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Fueling and saving the future with Hydrogen

Team: 101

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: Fuel, Global Warming, and Human Health

Interim: Problem Definition
The problem with the fossil fuels we are using today to power our machines is that fossil fuels leave a negative impact in almost every aspect. Fossil fuels are non-renewable which means we are going to run out one day even if that day is not soon, we need to plan ahead. Fossil fuels also create hazardous by products that pollute our ground water, air, atmosphere, and land. These pollutants do not only harm the environment but also has a direct impact on human health and well being. These pollutants over a long period of time and increased use can cause cancer, deformities, and diseases. These pollutants are thinning the ozone layer and in turn causing Global warming. Another aspect to take in affect is that the price of gas will go up as the amount available goes down, in turn causing more hardship to the consumer.

Another big problem with the use of all these fossil fuels is acid rain which is very harmful to forests. Scientists over the years have noted a slowed growth of some forests due to acid rain, which is cause by all the carcinogens that are created when fossil fuel is combusted. These are only some of the problems that are caused by fossil fuels. Another problem with fossil fuels is the way we are getting them. Fracturing is now becoming a very common way of getting fossil fuels and it is not a good thing. There are many studies being done that state that the use of fracturing pollutes the ground water supply and can also cause Earthquakes. All of these problems are only going to grow as the demand for oil rises.

Problem Solution
Hydrogen power is a step towards the right direction in the future of fuel, Hydrogen does not have any hazardous products like fossil fuels, it is clean, efficient, and renewable. Just by making cars that run on both hydrogen and gas we can greatly benefit this planet, eventually I would hope for a car that is completely powered by this fuel source though. The way that is can greatly help us is that for instance say that you have a car that gets 25mpg and you install a hydrogen generator in that car and is doubles that milage to 50mpg, then the costumer is only using half of the gas he was using before, which means half the carcinogens in our air, water, and atmosphere. This means that there will also be less people that will get cancer and other diseases cause by these harmful carcinogens. If we were to go to a fully hydrogen powered car then there would be next to none harmful carcinogens created.

Progress to Date
At the current date there has been a physical working model done, which creates hydrogen via electrolysis from distilled water. I have also made a though outline to show what all my ideas were and also how a hydrogen generator works. I am currently working on a computer simulation of how a water molecule is split apart by electricity and how this reaction to power your car will benefit everyone and the planet. My module should show how the use of less fossil fuels results in much less pollutants in our air, which results in healthier overall population. Also I will show how it greatly benefits the Earths Ozone layer and also all the animals that live on this planet. I have made a video telling what my views on the subject are and why we should start using Hydrogen power now rather than later.

Expected Results
My expected results would be that by the experimentation and creation of this hydrogen generator, I would hope to make an impact on the way that people live and the amount of carcinogens that are getting put into our environment. I would hope to reduce the percent of people that get diseases related to these carcinogens that are burnt when gas is combusted. I would also hope that I could help the ozone layer from depleting and hopefully my studies will progress to a car that is fully powered by hydrogen and creates no harmful products. Hopefully by me making this hydrogen generator and demonstrating how it works will set the frame work to make a car that is fully powered by hydrogen.

Team Members:

  Ryan Miller

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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