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is really violence affecting mexico?

Team: 1003

School: Las Cruces High

Area of Science: social science and economy

Interim: Team Number: 1003
School Name: Las Cruces High
Area of Science: Social and Economy
Project Title: is really violence affecting mexico?

Problem Definition:
Violence in Mexico increased rapidly since former President Felipe Calderon declared war on organized crime. have been 3 or 4 years since this happened and since then more than 47,000 people have died including some of my family and friends, and thereby to mexico tourism decreased and affected the economy of Mexico, particularly in Juarez where most crimes have gone.

Problem Solution:
plan based on the 13 parts of the new president Enrique Pena Nieto is to create an organization against crime and said that "I am convinced that the crime can not be fought with force", also promised to clean up the "holes" that police in Mexico in general has, such as corruption, and police working in some way with organized crime.

Progress to Date:
I created a model in StarLogo TNG which shows an important part, the "fee" that some businesses have requested as payment for protection against other posters in the same area where this business. in the first tests of the model drug agents started as collectors who ask money from some businesses that are in the landspace, more drug dealers, businesses lose more money. less narcos, earn more money but still I have to make adjustments to the model to provide more information acceptable.

Expected Results:
I hope the data from this project are to teach that mexico can press ahead no matter whether organized crime in the streets and continue affecting businesses in Mexico and as I said juarez especially where violence increased considerably.

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Team Members: Leonel Herrera

Sponsoring Teacher: No Sponsor Teacher

Team Members:

  Leonel Herrera

Sponsoring Teacher: NA

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