New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

3 Dimentional Imaging

Team: 1002

School: School of Dreams Academy

Area of Science: engineering/Physics

Interim: Team number: 1002
School Name: School of Dreams Academy
Area of Science: Engineering/Physics
Project title: 3 Dimensional Imaging

Problem Definition:
3 Dimensional imaging is an old concept but the idea of the application has not been practical for the use to the general public. For years 3D has been a conception and an idea. The idea is to have more and better technology but because of its expense not many people understand the use of it. The 3D technology is overly expensive for people to buy. The prices are beginning to go down due to the use of low demand. People don’t want the technology because they don't know how to use it because it's 3D. The technology is new to most people when they purchase them. With our project we want to learn and explain 3 Dimensional imaging. We are going to do this in 3 phases. The first phase is the definition of 3D and its phasing of capturing, rendering (which include imaging and production), projection, and visualization. The second phrase is the visualization of 3D with movies and to figure out the effects that you can do with 3D. The third and final phase is to teach people the basics of 3D. We want to teach the basics of 3D images. For example we will teach how it works and its use of energy.

Problem Solution:
3D isn't an easy thing to understand, There are y axis and x axis and most people don't know what those mean. We are going to help them understand the 3D imaging to an extent that will help people in the future understand technology much more than what they know. We are going to learn how the technology works in order to make progress in people purchasing 3d products. At first it will be difficult, but once we know how it works and what the different effects of 3D are we will be able to explain it and return the knowledge to other people through the use of our project.

Progress to Date:
We have so far accomplished phase 1 and bits and pieces of phase 2. We have learned how to use a 3D camera and we are making a short film in 3D in order to explain how 3D works by showing them hands on how it works. We also learned how to do some effects that can make 2D images into 3D images. For example; we took two cameras that had the same image. Then put both of the images on a computer, the picture from the left hand side of camera, had to have an outline of red, and the camera on the right hand side of the camera had to have an outline of blue. We then put the red in front of the blue. The finishing image was 3D picture. This is also an example of things our project will teach and show people.

Expected Results:
We expect to learn more about 3D imaging and the energy that is used to power the technology in order to return what we learn to other people. We want to learn the 3 phases and also be able to make it a class in our school as part of our project and as a service to our community. We have High hopes that everyone involved will be able to easily understand it better and feel comfortable by buying the 3D technology. We also hope that people are going to want to purchase the technology too. We hope to accomplish giving the knowledge that most people don't have about 3D imaging so that we can help in raising the demand for this specific kind of technology.

Team Members: Natalia Ankiewicz and Danielle Yoakum
Sponsering Teacher: Mr. Esquivel

Team Members:

  mary arleth
  Natalia Ankiewicz

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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